Transform the way you acquire knowledge and become an expert

Start by creating specific news feeds using your trusted source library. Then, annotate those articles in a collaborative space with a team who shares your business objectives.

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Personalised Web for Content Research

Create custom news feeds

Create custom feeds using sources you trust and filter them using keywords. Remain in control of the algorithm which serves you the content you need for your research.

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Smarter Together

Annotate articles specific to your work, by yourself, or in a team

Work in a small team to benefit from your colleagues experience and expertise. Cronycle offers a dedicated collaboration space for understanding information, and remoulding those articles into new proprietary content.

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Useful Integrations for Content Research

Busy people need platforms to fit into the every day

Download our iOS app to use Cronycle on mobile, or download our Chrome and Safari extensions so you can annotate and collaborate on content wherever you are browsing.

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Group Collaboration

Cronycle is designed for small teams to create intelligence from the articles they surface.

Annotate Articles

Highlight and add your own comments to articles to make sure the information is relevant for you.

Custom News Feed

Take a library of trusted sources and use our powerful filters to create custom feeds of information related to your research project.

Follow curated feeds by experts

Follow feeds by topic experts in many different subjects who hand pick the articles themselves.

Mobile apps and browser extensions

Keep up-to-date and collaborate on the move with our iOS app. Or clip articles from nearly every app and webpage using our content clipper – available on Android, iOS, Chrome and Safari.

Integrations for content creation

Push the content you’ve created to many social and blogging applications, to make content creation simple.

Smart Insights

Smart Insights

Top 4 Content Curation and Authoring Tool

“If you want to curate content but don't have a lot of time, Cronycle is a really useful tool”

The Next Web

The Next Web

“Top 8 Media Startup you should check out”



“Platforms like Cronycle … handing content curation back to humans in order to build an intelligent and balanced picture of the world around us as we consume information.”


  • Hibi Racs – Founder, How to Eat for Less

    Cronycle has played a key part in developing a content strategy for my start-up. It makes it easy to find engaging and relevant content for my audience on social media, which is now growing as a result. It has also made my workload more efficient and productive.

    Hibi Racs – Founder, How to Eat for Less
  • Sophie Hudson – Marketing Manager, TalentPool

    Cronycle has completely transformed the way I find and share content online. Before using Cronycle I was wasting a lot of time trawling through various sites to gather valuable and relevant content and did not feel in control of it all. It’s so much easier and more efficient to have everything in one place now, neatly categorised and ready to share across our various social media channels.

    Sophie Hudson – Marketing Manager, TalentPool
  • Clement Lefert – Oil Analyst, Andurand Capital

    In my role as an oil analyst at Andurand Capital, I have to keep my eye on the market. Cronycle gives me the capacity to keep ahead of the oil market trends and then provide my own analysis on top of the articles it serves. It’s invaluable as a platform.

    Clement Lefert – Oil Analyst, Andurand Capital
  • Michelle Parkes – Director, Parkes Marketing
    Before using Cronycle I was relying heavily on Google Alerts to keep on top of all the content I required for numerous different clients. Cronycle has taken a huge weight off my shoulders, allowing me to quickly and easily see all the most relevant news for each topic which I can use across social media and for the creation of blog content. I can very simply set up a board for each of my clients so all the necessary information is at my fingertips. Thank you Cronycle!
    Michelle Parkes – Director, Parkes Marketing

From the Cronycle Blog

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Collaboration and Insight for your Research Through Cronycle Boards

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RSS feeds: Personalise your trusted source library

RSS feeds: Personalise your trusted source library

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