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Financial Services

Gain more value from your research and efficiently collaborate with your team for ideas. Optimise your procurement decisions using data analytics to prepare for MiFID II

Information Services

Discover and collect knowledge. Collaborate on content and information, gather intelligence and turn ideas into action. All from one platform.


A research platform for lecturers and students that allows you to create collaborative spaces in which content can be created, explored, and connected.


A single platform that inspires users to Curate, Collaborate and Communicate quality content

Connecting creative minds and trusted sources, Cronycle makes it faster and easier to generate insight and make smart business decisions.
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Find, select and organise quality content from wherever you are.

Create custom feeds via RSS and Twitter to monitor and keep track of quality content from the sources you trust.
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Create a team, share ideas and thoughts to achieve a better result.

Annotate, comment and share ideas on a Board, displaying what you have curated, dedicated to a specific project.
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Share insights internally within your team and organisation or externally via Social Media. Look to generate revenue by allowing others to subscribe to your knowledge (coming soon).
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We Work With You

Integrate Cronycle with your existing apps to ensure you are always working at your most efficient.

Work with content wherever you are

Download our apps to use Cronycle on iOS, Android or download our Chrome and Safari extensions so you can curate, annotate and collaborate on content wherever you are browsing.

Humans First. Not Algorithms

Kathy Yu

Cronycle is a very great tool for me and my job because I can tailor-made the feeds into what I want to see the most and by importance. I never feel overcrowded by information when using Cronycle, that’s why I like it very much. Normally I would open all day on the second screen of my computer so that whenever something happens I can immediately share it or make a response quickly. Using it to collect ideas for writing blogs and articles is also very convenient on Cronycle, I like it that I can collaborate with my colleagues on there.

Kathy Yu
Sophie Hudson|Marketing Manager, TalentPool

Cronycle has completely transformed the way I find and share content online. Before using Cronycle I was wasting a lot of time trawling through various sites to gather valuable and relevant content and did not feel in control of it all. It’s so much easier and more efficient to have everything in one place now, neatly categorised and ready to share across our various social media channels.

Sophie Hudson
Marketing Manager, TalentPool
Hibi Racs|Founder, How to Eat for Less

Cronycle has played a key part in developing a content strategy for my start-up. It makes it easy to find engaging and relevant content for my audience on social media, which is now growing as a result. It has also made my workload more efficient and productive.

Hibi Racs
Founder, How to Eat for Less