Cronycle Content Collaboration Tool

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Want consistently inspiring content?

Stop wasting time reading articles which are irrelevant for your own content and information production.

Listen to your network. Fine-tune your sources. Cronycle your content.

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A tool for the world of information abundance

As the cost of publishing has fallen, we are unable to source the information most relevant for us and our teams to perform better. Cronycle empowers individuals and teams to source the information they care about, so they focus on what’s relevant.

What’s more; Cronycle focusses on creating intelligence from the knowledge of your team, and not a just a robotic algorithm, meaning you learn from humans and curate actionable understanding of the world around you.

What's included?

Your favourite sources

Add the RSS feeds of your preferred news websites, blogs and Twitter accounts

Fine-tuned relevance

The powerful filtering allows you to curate your feeds and only spend time on the things that matter

Be the first to know

Updating your customized channels every minute for real-time information

Together you are brilliant

Collaborate with your team by commenting and developing ideas inspired by the gems found in your feeds

Integrated to your workflow

Cronycle is built for your convenience and has integrations to Chrome, Safari, WordPress and more

And so much more!

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When can I start?

Cronycle 2.0 launching August 2015 - rebuilt with user feedback

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