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Your business depends on how smart you are. Your prospects, clients and customers will love you if you give them the best knowledge and insight to grow their business.

Create the best insights for yourself and your clients in half the time for free (whilst we’re in beta) using Cronycle.



  • Michelle Parkes – Director, Parkes Marketing
    Before using Cronycle I was relying heavily on Google Alerts to keep on top of all the content I required for numerous different clients. Cronycle has taken a huge weight off my shoulders, allowing me to quickly and easily see all the most relevant news for each topic which I can use across social media and for the creation of blog content. I can very simply set up a board for each of my clients so all the necessary information is at my fingertips. Thank you Cronycle!
    Michelle Parkes – Director, Parkes Marketing

Your Personalised Web

Monitor smart content

Smart people spend time reading relevant and quality articles. Smart people filter out noisy articles which offer no value. Hand pick sources you know to be trustworthy, and filter those feeds using keywords to create a real-time collection to keep you up to date. Why waste time scanning the whole web when you can guarantee relevance comes directly to you.

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Smarter Together

Use the combined intelligence of your team to deliver value

Smart people ask their team for advice. Your team increases your knowledge daily to help you grow. Pin relevant articles to boards and ask your team to help you annotate them. Make it easy for your team to help you with projects, so you can create quality insights in half the time.

Learn more about boards here

Useful Integrations

Busy people need platforms to fit into the every day

Download our iOS app to use Cronycle on mobile, or download our Chrome and Safari extensions so you can annotate and collaborate on content wherever you are browsing.

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Your favourite sources

Add the feeds of your preferred news websites, blogs and Twitter accounts. We even support OPML import.

Fine-tuned relevance

The powerful filtering allows you to curate your feeds and only spend time on the things that matter.

Be the first to know

We're updating your customized channels every minute for real-time information.

Integrated to your workflow

Cronycle is built for your convenience and has integrations to Chrome, Safari, WordPress and more

Together you are brilliant

Collaborate with your team by commenting and developing ideas inspired by the gems found in your feeds.

And so much more!

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