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Uri Bram is the author of Thinking Statistically, a short, accessible primer to the biggest ideas in statistics. It has been used as a course companion at leading professional schools and universities throughout the world, and was named by NYT Bestselling business author Josh Kaufman as one of the 99 best business books ever.
Uri graduated from the Woodrow Wilson School of Public and International Affairs at Princeton University, and has worked as a researcher at the foremost universities on four continents: on Fragile States and European Immigration at Princeton University; at the Centre for the Study of African Economies at Oxford University; at the China Center for Economic Research at Peking University in Beijing; and at the African Centre for Cities at the University of Cape Town.
Uri has written about science and business for The Economist’s 1843 MagazineNautilusMotherboardQuartz and more, has been regularly featured on i24 News as an economics analyst, and is Contributing Editor at The Browser. Uri helped start the Streetlight Schools in Johannesburg.


Sid is a graduate of Columbia Journalism School, previously published in papers including The Telegraph and The Sunday Times, and currently writing for an Indian business publication The Industrial Economist. He is also slinking back towards the ivory tower, with a Master’s in the Social Science of the Internet at Oxford, where his areas of interest include computational propaganda, memetic warfare, and the digital new-right. In a past life (i.e. undergrad), he was a literature student, specialising in medieval romance (the swords and spears and dragons kind).



Shivani Radhakrishnan is a writer and PhD student in philosophy living in NY. She is interested in the intersections of philosophy, sociology, and psychology. She’s currently thinking about the idea of society as a social organism, one that can be healthy or sick. Her writing and arts criticism has appeared in the Washington Post, n+1, and the Boston Review.



‘Skopenhauer’ holds a BA in Analytic Philosophy and two MA degrees, one in History and the other in Islamic & Middle Eastern Studies. Raised on an intellectual diet of liberal-left platitudes, at some point in his early teenage years he discovered that he had a conservative disposition. Save for a brief flirtation with neoconservative foreign policy in his early 20s, however, he has thus far managed to resist the temptation to espouse any particular conservative doctrine. He has come to the provisional conclusion that conservatism is at its best (e.g. the Burkean variety) precisely when it lacks ideological content. Skopenhauer is well aware that the attempt to preserve what little is left of our noble past is probably futile. Indeed, the only consistent strain in his thinking over the years is pessimism. Nevertheless, like the journalist and author Peter Hitchens, he sees it as something like his duty to chronicle (no pun intended!) the decline and fall of Western civilization, and to dig in his heels wherever possible, for as long as possible.



Jasper Tea is an English poet and editor who has had a long career working with students and, on occasion, in museums.



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