We believe that knowledge and insight belongs to everyone.

Because of this, we created Cronycle; a way to harness trusted content, enrich it with insight, then allow teams, entire organisations and even clients to benefit from it.

The Team

Cronycle was started by two friends in London who wanted to improve how people discover, collect and share digital content.
Nicolas Granatino - Founder Nicolas Granatino Founder
Jeremy Davies - Head of Operations Jeremy Davies COO
Adam Ludgate - CTO Adam Ludgate CTO
Business Development Bansi Jashapara Business Development
Gus Navarro - Customer Success Manager Gus Navarro Customer Success Manager
Work for us

This is why we do it

At Cronycle, we understand the need to stay ahead of the curve. The best insight comes from collaboration, so we provide a single tool to unlock the business value from content.
This forward thinking approach connects creative minds, both within existing teams and externally, to make it faster and easier to generate the insight that can spark a brilliant idea.
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